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Furniture Movers &

Commercial Movers

Affordable Movers Inc. is a top-rated company offering unmatched moving services. Since opening our doors some time back, we have always strived to deliver quality solutions to our clients, and we always place your interests above all else. No matter how complex your needs seem, we have the skills to undo the complexities, plan for a successful outcome and deliver an outstanding service. Whether you are relocating a large business or a small one, our commercial movers have your back. Our furniture movers operate in Duluth, MN, and other nearby cities.

Moving a commercial place is not an easy task. At Affordable Movers Inc. our job is to ensure you have a quick move with little or less downtime and lost productivity. We manage to handle time-sensitive corporate moving because we plan our work in detail and utilize the latest techniques. Over the years, we have come up with our own, unique business relocation plan that is designed to fit smoothly with your moving plan. We know every client is different from the last, that’s why we work hand in hand with you. We consult with you before, during and after completing the relocation.

At Affordable Movers Inc., we start by disassembling your office furniture and apparatus. We bring in reliable furniture movers who do it safely. We then pack and wrap all items to ensure nothing is damaged or mixed-up. We know you need your new commercial space running as quick as possible, that’s why we reassemble the items on site and set them up depending on the arrangement you want. Here, we never leave anything behind as we know how valuable the items are. If you are looking for commercial movers in Duluth, MN and other adjacent environs, feel free to give us a call now and we will provide you with an estimate!

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